Private Collection

Red Tail hawkGodspeed (Red Tail hawk)

An old friend rescued a Red Tail hawk from a farmer’s leg-hold trap and brought it to my studio. Once it recovered from its’ injury we released it. As it sat on my gloved hand it gave a look that seemed both defiant and perhaps a little grateful for our efforts. In the few seconds before it flew off it left no doubt in my mind that it was totally in charge.

Bronze, life size

edition of 25

The Thunderbird – scrimshaw

My father passed away while living on his beautiful old cabin cruiser, The Thunderbird. I engraved a likeness of the boat on a sperm whale tooth in the seaman’s scrimshaw manner. The presentation box was fashioned from a solid block of yellow cedar, cut to both fit the shape of the tooth and to imitate an ocean wave. An image of a traditional West Cost Thunderbird being transformed into my parent’s boat adorns the lid.

Wood, whale’s tooth

Private collection


My second whales tooth scrimshaw is similar, and features a cabin cruiser owned by dear friends, Ken & Patsy Kikegawa. Their image is carved in a fallow deer antler and inset into the top of the presentation box.

Private collection

Orca DancerOrca Dancer (2002)

Portrait of a Haida dancer from Canada’s Pacific Coast wearing a head dress representing orca – the killer whale

Bronze – stone base 12” x 12” x 22” high (incl. base)

edition of 12

NisgaNisga’s Portrait 2007

Inspired by the signing of the Nisga’s Land Treaty.

Bronze – 15” high

Edition of 12


A great Blue Heron frequents the pond directly behind my studio, and has done so for years and I never tire of admiring him. He is an imposing creature.

Life size – painted wood

Eagle HeadEagle Head

The eagle head was intended as a quick study in clay. I liked the way it turned out and eventually had it cast in bronze.

Bronze 10 ½ “ high (incl.base) 7 ½ “ across

Edition of 12

Ben's ChoiceBen’s Choice (wild turkey) 1990

So titled because American founding father Benjamin Franklin felt the wild turkey would be more suitable for the national bird than the “American” eagle.

Original is painted wood with bronze reproduction 13” x 16”

edition of 25


Painted yellow cedar

24”wide , 44” long, 44” high

In the collection of a company of the same name