Steveston’s Legacy

In high school in the early 1960’s we spoke of creating art work for and about Steveston. Keith would write a novel and I would build a sculpture. We revisited those dreams at a 30 year reunion for Steveston High School class of ’62. By the following year I had a maquette ready for presentation. It was very well received but funds were not forthcoming. The sculpture was finally completed for an August, 2009 unveiling. Sixteen years had passed since the project was first presented to council and almost 50 years had passed since the dream began.

The three figures represent 3 aspects of the fishing industry. The old fisherman sits at his net mending bench and holds court with a young tenderman who unloads the catch, and a cannery worker on her break. They represent the ethnic diversity of the industry; the men and woman old and young. The setting is pre war. The intent is to portray an historically accurate image of the industry and its’ people.